Chitral to Open Doors to Its First Five-Star Hotel

Chitral First Five Star Hotel

Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Overseas Pakistanis and Chairman of National Tourism Coordination Board (NTCB), Zulfiqar Abbas Bukhari recently performed a ground-breaking of a five-star hotel in Chitral. This step is taken to ensure the provision of quality accommodation and dining facilities to visitors.

The hotel ‘BeJaan’ will be built by the joint collaboration between the government and the private sector of the country. Bukhari said that the private sector is being encouraged for projecting its active participation in promoting the tourism sector.

‘BeJaan’ is named after the mother of Anwar Aman, a sole investor in the project from the USA. With its state of the art accommodation and dining facilities, the hotel is also anticipated to create employment opportunities for the locals.

The hotel will be constructed on a hillock in Gankorini at the confluence of Lotkoh and Mastuj river near the Chitral town where Mr. Aman has purchased the land for Rs. 80 million.

According to Bukhari, the PTI Government has always taken constructive steps towards the promotion of tourism, especially in the lesser-known and rarely visited areas of the country. He added that the government has also formulated a comprehensive plan to project Pakistan as a customized brand all over the world.

Bukhari also applauded the government for the constitution of the National Tourism Coordination Board (NTCB) with representation from all the provinces and stakeholders.

He said that the government has taken steps to increase the foreign investments to accrue the economic benefits of the country, and the construction of ‘BeeJaan’ is one such example. He further added that soon “Brand Pakistan” portal will be launched by the government through which citizens would have an access to all tourism-based information. Provinces will also be formulating policies to set up integrated tourism zones across the country and one such zone will be set up in Chitral.

According to the press release, the hotel will be built with a capacity of 80 bedrooms, two restaurants, and a hall accommodating as many as 500 persons. Moreover, the hotel will incur a cost of $30 million.