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Vaccine Diplomacy by the Major States

Diplomacy is regarded as an art and science of pursuing and maintaining peaceful relations among states, groups, and individuals. It usually becomes part of the discussion of international issues such as terrorism, economics, conflicts, environment, […]

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Yemen’s Unending War

Since our childhood, we were told that famine causes by Nature. But the continuing and unending Yemen war defies this claim. Yemenis, in the twenty-first century, are facing the worst humanitarian crisis created by the […]

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Wagah Border

New Regional Dynamics

The Nuclear States in the Region has frozen the hostile relations these days. First, India allowed Pakistan PM Imran Khan to use their aerial space for traveling to Sri Lanka. Second, the secret “on-call” meeting […]

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Curbing Islamophobia

Islamophobia, a term we usually heard, is a fear or hatred of the States or Individuals towards Muslims and Islam. Islamophobic persons or states opt for hate speech or crimes, discriminate Muslims socially and politically. […]