“Cash for Trash” – 1st Reverse Vending Machine Launched in Pakistan

1st Reverse Vending Machine Launched In Pakistan

On this Saturday, the first reverse vending machine (RVM) for recycling plastics was installed in the federal capital.

The RVM machine was inaugurated in the presence of Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (SAPM) for Climate Change, Malik Amin Aslam, at Jinnah Super Market.

How RVM Works?
People can recycle plastic bottles with ease and satisfaction thanks to the machine. The RVM functions similarly to a vending machine, but in reverse. The RVM opens a slot to receive the plastic bottle when customers hit the start button on a touch screen. The RVM compresses the PET after it is dumped, making it suitable for the next steps in the recycling process. The RVM machine will give a voucher of Rs.100 that can be used at a private fast-food company.

PepsiCo announced the country’s largest plastic collection and recycling scheme earlier this year as part of Clean Green Pakistan initiative. The RVM is part of the organization’s goals and aims to address the issue of plastic waste in a meaningful way. Green Earth Recycling, a PepsiCo partner, is implementing the program, and WWF-Pakistan is keeping track of its progress. Both of these significant announcements coincide with World Environment Day, which Pakistan is hosting this year.

Prime Minister’s Special Assistant on Climate Change Malik Amin Aslam said, “To truly address the plastic issue, all of us would have to work together. The RVM machine is a technique to connect with the general people and encourage them to recycle. I’d like to commend PepsiCo on its continuous efforts on the plastics problem; I’m especially pleased to see its plastics collection and recycling program making progress.”

Aslam went on to say that these devices would be put across Pakistan to help minimize plastic pollution, which has a negative influence on the environment. We will initially monitor the functioning of the machine installed at Jinnah Super Market before finalizing our extension plan. According to Mr. Furqan Ahmed Syed, PepsiCo CEO Pakistan and Afghanistan stated that “The RVM is part of our multi-pronged approach to investing in increasing recycling rates in key markets through campaigns that encourage customers to recycle and partnerships to grow and improve overall recycling infrastructure.”

Written by Maham Bashir