Caretaker PM’s 48-Hour Deadline Amid Nationwide Electricity Outcry

In a bid to address the escalating public outrage over electricity price hikes, Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaar ul-Haq Kakar has issued a stringent 48-hour deadline for the formulation of a comprehensive strategy.

During an emergency meeting convened to tackle the mounting concerns over surging electricity costs, the caretaker PM received a briefing on the notable increase in electricity bills for the month of July.

Emphasizing the significance of implementing measures that do not strain the national exchequer and offer convenience to consumers, the caretaker PM stressed the necessity of careful steps.

He asked the necessary ministries to produce plans for electricity sector reforms in the short, medium, and long term as soon as possible . Furthermore, he inquired about certain officers and institutions that receive free electricity. 

The conference concluded with a resolve to hold extensive consultations on the excessive July bills and to implement energy-saving techniques. These meetings are anticipated to take place soon with provincial chief ministers.

Nationwide Uproar:

Amidst mounting grievances, protests against inflated electricity bills have surged across the country. The public outpouring of rage is growing, and citizens are flocking to the streets, even burning their bills in protest.

Karachi, a focal point of the movement, has witnessed significant protests against the steep bills presented by K-Electric, the city’s primary electricity provider. People expressed frustration, noting that the bills often surpass their monthly incomes.

Similar scenes unfolded in Peshawar, where a sizable number of citizens rallied to voice their dissent. The sentiment of injustice is fueling a determined response against perceived discrepancies in billing. Protests took an assertive turn as traders in Ganj Bazaar and Lahore Square symbolically set fire to their electricity bills as a form of protest.

Rawalpindi witnessed demonstrations at Committee Chowk, with protesters demanding the removal of imposed taxes on electricity and expressing their discontent by burning their bills. Citizens in Gujranwala also gathered at the Gujranwala Electric Power Company office to protest the high cost of electricity.

The outpouring of dissatisfaction spread to neighboring places, including Narowal, Attock, Sargodha, and Haripur, where residents held protests against rising electricity rates.

As public anxiety grows, the caretaker PM’s demand for a comprehensive strategy emphasizes the critical need to address increasing issues and deliver equal answers for residents across the country.