Careem Testing Drone Food Delivery In Pakistan

Careem is up in the air now!

Do you know how?

Careem – A service platform for ride-hailing and last-mile delivery recently teased customers that meal orders placed through the Careem Super app would be delivered by drones.

Careem said in a statement to Profit that the exercise was a test to see if the platform could be scaled to the next level.

According to Careem, the test experiment of ordering via drone deliveries lasted only one day, with a small number of clients and a short area covered. The statement read, “There have been a lot of learnings for us if the company wishes to go up.”

“Once we have finalized the feasibility and are sure that we can move this project forward to the next stage,” Careem stated, “We intend to get the relevant regulatory approvals/permissions as needed by law.”

Careem’s Mission:

“Careem’s mission is to use effective technology to simplify and improve people’s lives, and our brand isn’t afraid to do things differently and stand out. The drone delivery test is one example of how our teams are always developing and experimenting with new ways to excite and serve our customers,” the statement continued.

Are “Drones” the next generation of food delivery?

If we say yes, it wouldn’t be wrong as Careem’s parent company, Uber, is now testing drones for food deliveries on its UberEats platform. Amazon was also granted permission to operate a drone delivery fleet in 2020.

Drone Delivery in Other Countries:

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, is experiencing a surge in drone deliveries for its company Wing, which has partnered with several businesses in various locations throughout the US and Australia.

The Chinese government has previously given, Alibaba’s meal delivery service, permission to utilize drones for food delivery in 17 preset routes in Shanghai suburbs. It has reduced delivery time to 20 minutes, which is a substantial time saving given Shanghai’s notoriously crowded traffic.


On the whole, Careem is considering deploying drones to deliver the meal. So, they’re putting a couple of things to the test. So far, the testing has gone smoothly.

Written by Maham Bashir