Bux Buriro – Performing Beyond Measures in Kashmore

Bux Buriro

A police officer, named Muhammad Bux Buriro stood up to his duty as a diligent police officer when he went to unimaginable measures in order to retrieve the victims of a rape incident in Kashmore. Bux offered his own daughter as bait to safely bring back the mother and the daughter.

A few days back, a gruesome incident took place within the environs of Kashmore where a woman and her 5-year-old were gang-raped by a group of feral men. Later, the rapists released the woman on the condition of bringing them another girl for a safe return of her 5-year-old daughter. This incident incurred the wrath of the nation, who demanded justice and the immediate release of a child.

Muhammad Bux Buriro and his daughter receive appreciation from the residents.
Muhammad Bux Buriro and his daughter receive appreciation from the residents.
Source: Gulf News

The woman, however, went to the police which made officer Bux Buriro volunteer the investigation. He sent his own daughter with the mother to the culprits, who were already waiting for the mother to bring another girl. Upon reaching the location given by the culprits, the woman handed over the daughter of the police officer to them and the team of Bux Buriro arrested them on the spot.

During this investigation, another suspect, named Khairullah Bugti was identified and arrested. The girl was brought back in a critical condition, wrapped in a piece of cloth. Both the mother and the daughter were later shifted to the hospital for further treatment.

According to the reports, the woman was lured by the abductors in the hope of providing her with a job in Kashmore. They claimed to be army personnel but kept on abducting them for two days.

The efforts and tenacity of Bux Buriro have been lauded by people all over the country. Not only this, but Prime Minister Imran Khan also took the notice of this “exemplary initiative” and applauded his bravery via a tweet.

At a ceremony held at the Central Police Office in Karachi, the Inspector General of Sindh announced a cash reward of Rs. 2 million for ASI Bux and his family.

Bux Buriro not only performed his moral duty but also pulled out the ever so controversial image of the police in the country. He proved out to be the role model for all those who want to fight against crime and deviance in society, by outperforming the given task.