Bullying: A Silent Threat To Our Society


When we often talk about bullying, we are immersed with the ideology and belief that bullying is predominantly found within the playground and more so related to the behaviour of the rather superior counterpart exercising dominating and forceful behaviour towards those who are inferior and have no one to fend for themselves.

Bullying does not discriminate between gender, race, religion, or culture.  Many children throughout the globe have fallen victim to the clutches of this predominately spiteful evil. Usually when a child complains of bullying or worse does not, parents seem to fail to realise the adverse implications it may sustain within the child. Long term damage is usually taken out of the equation and grownups believe that a direct confrontation puts an end to the problem, in some cases that may work, however in other cases it ignites a world of torture and mental torment, the agony of not knowing when someone will come at you again is very to so say the least. Bullying does not confide to mushrooming within children, rather adults may be prone to this behaviour as well, it could be in the workplace, within the immediate or extended family, and sometimes rarely at the hands of your own, the ones that are supposed to protect you, keep you safe from harm, are the ones that cause more harm than good.

Child suicides are something that has risen throughout the past few years, with the proliferation of mass media and globalisation bullying has taken somewhat of an upgraded front, keyboard warriors hiding behind the screen can ruin your life with a simple click, unfortunately, has claimed the lives of many. Parents left horrified to find their child has opted for self-harm rather than to reach out, but why is that, why are some victims of bullying unable to reach out? Could it be they were not taken seriously enough? Was the opposite person just too volatile? Usually, children with certain disabilities, members of LGBT communities, religious and cultural groups, are faced with bullying and condescending statements and behaviours towards them.

The impact could be life long and tremendous if not catered to right away, children may become more reserved, prone to self-harm, depression and ultimately claim their own life. Bullying needs to be put to a halt, period, there is no working on it, there should be zero tolerance, and abrupt action taken as soon as once is discovered to be going through such victimisation. We all at some point in our lives gone through something that broke us or is breaking us, some may not be as strong as others and may not fight back the same way, some need that extra support no matter what the cost, at times it is found bullies have some self-loathing coming from within them, their past or their own experiences, sometimes the inner gratification they receive from putting someone down is stemmed from personal degradation at some point in their lives, regardless bullying is a menace that needs to be put to sleep, depression is becoming too common and lives are being taken like dominoes.

By Zahra Raza