Books on Wheels in Peshawar – First Of Its Kind

Books on Wheels in Peshawar

Recently, the Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Mahmood Khan initiated a unique educational project in Peshawar, the “Books on Wheels”. Youth Affairs Department handled the processing of this project, and gave it a practical shape.

The successful run of mobile bookshops in Islamabad, and other major cities of the country was the major force behind this initiative. The CM, while talking to the media in Peshawar, termed it as a small step towards promoting the trend of reading in students, and bringing educational reforms in the Province.

The overall cost of the project was around Rs 12 million, spent from the educational budget of the Provincial Government. The two mobile libraries are also offering 30% discount to the students, making it economically feasible for them.

Initially, the libraries will be parked within the premises of the University of Peshawar. However, the Government and Youth Affairs Department looks to expand it further in other colleges and universities, across KP.

This initiative is perceived as a welcoming and pleasant prospect in the academic arena. Students from Peshawar, and other regions of KP were deprived of their educational rights from a long time. They had to thrive in minimal resources and were forced to travel to other cities in order to pursue their studies, due to social and political reasons.

Teachers and Students have huge reservations over the spending of educational budget in the province, and the vague educational system there. Therefore, projects like Books on Wheels is a step forward for them to progress and excel in the academic field, in accordance with modern trends and traditions.

Students face issues of accessibility and resources throughout their academic careers. This is why they find it difficult to cope up with the standards of higher education later in their lives. Young students from all over KP and its extensions look up to the University of Peshawar for their studies. It is probably the most prestigious educational institute in the province. Hence, this project can prove to be the educational breakthrough in the region.