Book Of Words

Peeping in with soliloquy at the threshold of creativity
Ajar doors and clouds of coffee aroma, divine pleasure to feel
Cupcakes meticulously embracing in mind to have pangs of curiosity
Latte? Nah!
Espresso gulping down to the symphonies of words
Dull nebulous life got clarity of hopes to dream a dream
Paddling the paddle imaging flying to fall, to rise, to learn, and unlearn
Splashing the water, recalling the ice when it thaws creates whirlpool of goosebumps
Painting the paintings in mind for blossoms to bloom
Don’t mind just hustle to feel your inside
Moving fingers plunging into the words embellished on the pages
Ephemeral rides and then bewitching sights in mind holding onto the ink of illustrations
Lost words in the world creates trail of fiction in mind
Fetch another espresso mug and indulge in the glee of getting lost in a book of words…

Areeba Waqar