Body Shaming

Body Shaming

Body shaming is the act of making inappropriate comments about someone’s appearance.
It has been prevalent all over the world and imparts negative effects on people’s mental health, but no one takes it seriously because, according to them, they are doing it just for fun. They don’t think about the recipient’s age or level of understanding.

Children are often the victims of body shaming. They are shamed based on their weight, skin color, and any other physical defect. They never think for a while that children are in a delicate phase of their lives and their inappropriate comments are leaching children’s confidence. They are going to be insecure about their appearance. It will impart a long-lasting effect on children’s mental health.

These people have a long list of “Mashwaras” for children’s parents. Parents know that their children are overweight or dark skined, they don’t need your unsolicited advice for their children. Keep your advice to yourself.

Unfortunately, this practice is very common in Schools children are not only body-shamed by their fellows but also by their teachers. Highly qualified teachers never think for a minute before making inappropriate comments on students because they are teachers and they have a permit to say anything. I don’t understand what their education has taught to these teachers? Making negative comments on someone’s skin, color, and weight.

Ohh you are not educated you have only degrees to hang on the wall, your education didn’t groom you, you are not contributing to well being of society.