Body Shaming and Pakistan

Body Shaming and Pakistan

We often talk about child care and their needs. We want our generations to be confident and sharp enough to fight with the problems the world is creating and storing for their future. But are we really sure that we are doing our jobs very well?

Whenever we visit someone or meet up after a long time we start our conversation with wow how you got such a fair complexion? Were not you brownie or black? Wow, such an ideal height you have gained. Ooo !!! What on earth you have done to yourself? Looking pale and skinny like bushes I wonder. Is that you? How you gained so much weight? Your features are not handsome enough but overall you are good-looking.

Yes, all the above questions are the opening speech of every Pakistani when they meet up. Being living here I am also a part of this and yes I agree that it is normal but you know what from now on onward it will not be normal for me.

My niece was happened to visit me last few weeks. She was with me where I visited last week. One day she asked me Khala am I brownie? I stop reading my book and looked at her she was in front of the mirror looking at herself from every angle. Who says? Was not the photo was saying to you yesterday when we visited them? When? I want to know the whole mistake? When you both were talking about someone who is fatty enough hahahhaha she added a laugh. Anybody can say that I am not fat at all but maybe someone will say that I am skinny so I have to improve my health but let me know about my color. She insisted and I was drowning in deep shame that she was only 9 years old was noticing my every word and start judging like me.

I managed to drag her attention out of the course. But it left a mark on my mind. I was the one who wants her generation to be flawless because I believe that :

It is perfectly ok, not to be perfect all the time.

And what I have done? I do it every single day. Here we want a bhabhi not more than 20 and slim and white like the moon. We judge people on this basis. We are familiar with the rising ratio of obesity and besides creating awareness among people who are gaining weight we are making that laughing stoke. If every 20-year-old girl is in demand then what about the plus 20? Do they have no right to live like normal people? Living in South Asia we clearly know that brown color is its identity then what we are doing to us? Using supplements and alternate to get a glow? It’s very ok if one wants it by choice but the question is who makes it to think? Of course, it’s our attitude.

We should create awareness that before looking white it’s important to have healthy skin which can bear the season. We should educate people about obesity its reasons and its cure rather than taunt them. We the educated people have the responsibility to educate our surroundings, tell them the importance of diet plans, walk, sleep, and workouts not taunting them. Otherwise, it will be spread like a rolling stone and we will be helpless for our kids to let them enjoy their imperfections. As I knew a famous musician and artist Selena Gomez in the USA when someone called her ugly and the next day she was wearing a hairband with the word Ugly just to show that she had no shame over what she is. That’s the price of beauty she sings later. I am not here to promote her but the act she did was showing her mental strength we need this kind of attitude towards life because being Muslim it’s our strong belief that we are created by our Allah and he Makes us perfect and if we are facing some health issue that will be deal in a decent way too.

Think!!!!!! Because it is useless to cry over spilled milk and we all know that.