Being Her

Girl looks at the road

It was heard when she grew up that “it’s a girl”. She was protected by her parents, extra cared for by her brothers, and was allowed to chase her dreams to her heart’s content.

Still, the voices echoed in her ears, “it’s a girl”. Most of the time, she got annoyed. What’s the point if she’s a girl? Why do people talk like that?

Then one day, she came across a book where she read that it’s not about ‘a girl.’ It’s about ‘The Girl.’ She was shocked by the difference.

What’s special about ‘The Girl’? How does she acquire that quality? She started to take extra care of herself. She began to love herself the way she is. She avoided unnecessary eye contact with males. She learned to ignore body shaming. She convinced herself that if she’s worth it, nothing on this earth can take anything away from her. She already lives within boundaries, but now she was fully confident about her own boundaries.

Her philosophy is not to love flowers for they may fall in autumn. Love the roots that still stand forever.

Eventually, she doesn’t fit into society. Neither does she receive any grace nor appreciation. But she knows she has to be strict about being herself. Because it’s not about ‘A Girl’. It’s about ‘The Girl’.

The world is filled with ‘A Girls’, but ‘The Girls’ are rare to find.

Though alone, she is a whole world within herself.

Because it is the journey of “Being Her”.