Babusar Pass Reopened For Tourists After 06 Months

Babusar Pass Reopened After 6 Months

Are you planning a trip to the Northern Areas this summer?

Here’s a piece of good news for you!

After six months, the National Highway Authority and the Kaghan Development Authority reopened the Babusar Pass to tourists.

Where is Babusar Pass?

The Babusar Pass is one of the most dangerous routes in Pakistan. It connects Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with Gilgit Baltistan.

The Frontier Works Organization has cleared the route of glaciers and snow, reopening it to traffic. After it, the journey time from Mansehra to Gilgit-Baltistan was decreased by 05 hours.

During the winter, the pass was closed due to snowfall. During this time, traffic was diverted to the Karakoram Highway.

Hundreds of tourists visit Gilgit-Baltistan throughout the summer months, particularly from May to August. All of these tourist attractions were closed last year due to the coronavirus quarantine. Locals were the ones who suffered the most during this time because 90% of them rely on tourism for a living.

The National Command and Operation Centre lifted all travel restrictions last month.

However, the tourists should bring their coronavirus test results and Covid-19 vaccination certificates with them and SOPs must be followed.

SOPs for Travel:

  • Only passengers with negative Covid-19 test results and CNICs are allowed to stay in hotels and guest homes.
  • Travelers above the age of 40 must provide their NADRA-issued Covid-19 immunization certificate.
  • Without immunization certificates, guests above the age of 50 will not be allowed into hotels starting June 1.
  • From July 1, those over the age of 40 will be unable to stay in hotels without a valid vaccination certificate.
  • Before entering a tourist attraction, visitors must sign a health declaration form.
  • Food will be served to tourists in their hotel rooms.
  • Only one individual is permitted to book a room.
  • Tour companies and hotel management must verify that all employees are vaccinated.
  • Before visiting tourist attractions, tour operators have been instructed to provide tourist information to their district office.
  • People have been advised to wear masks at all times and to avoid large gatherings.

Before flying to Pakistan, overseas visitors should familiarize themselves with the country’s quarantine and Covid-19 testing requirements.

Written by Maham Bashir