Asymmetrical Spell of E-Learning

Asymmetrical Spell of E-Learning

The ongoing conundrum and again the closure! Things have never been so cosmic prone before, that it could lead to such chaos in the best process called Education.

A fleeting smile on the faces as explored through the bundles of kids showing their most pappy moments on the announcement of ‘schools closure‘ was disgusted to all levels of irritation. The past year had already been a roller-coaster for the people of this planet that has not still done riding all of us to any relief yet. Whereas, the countries like Pakistan with not-so-good literacy graph seemed to reach down the pit since even the best private educational institutions faced the worst scenarios, how come about the ones that were never under any consideration?

With the Pandemic Covid’19 unfolding casualties in every walk of life and sector, we introduced the young seedlings to the On-Screen Educational plea. The students throughout the country were taken to the most hyped digital divide and new formats of lectures came into being with the best possible ways by the educationists trying to run in the race of technology that was already taking its toll in this country at a slower pace.

Nothing is too early to come.

We introduced TeleSchool Initiative coupled with EdTech providers such as Knowledge Platform,, sabaq Muse and Taleemabad. However, the next closure of schools brought the first radio school as well. With the expansion of aid to the suffering pupils in education, we learned and serviced much more than our potentials in the first place. We came face to face with a tech-savvy era within Pakistan that had yet to impregnate itself in the latter times. The congratulatory tweets, tap on the shoulders, this and that had got all of us so absorbed that we lacked to comprehend the compromised areas of learning and development to an undefined level. Digital birth at this level was new for the students, but parents, guardians, and teachers were all under the same shade in this process.

However, the disrupted system of education has still irreversible drastic loopholes in the learning for those who never went to schools again after the first worldwide shutdown. There wasn’t any effort made for these buds on the twigs, which also wanted to prosper but couldn’t afford the tech accessories. Being a third-world country, we are still struggling to spoon out every facility to every home out there.

When we urge people to update and upgrade, we should not even brush aside the ones who’ve always longed to Learn and Write.
Education is for all.