Assumption: A Destructive Offense

Assumption: A destructive offense

Today, I read the 4th chapter of Revive Your Heart and I got to know a little habit of us which we think that it’s nothing wrong with it… But it’s an extremely awful habit. Making assumptions about people. Like We see somebody and assume that he is not good the way he saw, the way he talked…etc etc.

Assumptions can lead to the destruction of the family, community, or even the entire nation. We make assumptions about Govt, we make assumptions about Teachers, we make assumptions about friends. And ultimately the day comes when we start to believe the assumptions we made someday, and then we behave with those people according to those assumptions, not only this we start telling other people, hey you know what I heard or what I noticed he is a pretty bad man.

Uh, what are we trying to do? We are just making assumptions, no no actually we convinced ourselves that it’s not only an assumption that he’s bad. It’s true. And we try to convince others too, saying I think he’s bad, no matter if he’s not. What we are doing is incredibly awful. We are going to pay the price for it and others will see the consequences of it. It’s not just some sin that the angels wrote down, and we never saw what happened, only on judgment day will we see. No, we will see the evils of it, in this Dunya too. Avoid making assumptions about someone until you have clarity about it. Avoid saying… Well! I am not judging someone and I don’t judge people but I’ve heard or I think that he’s pretty bad. No, don’t do this. Just say I don’t know enough to say. And FULL STOP! It’s done. Don’t make assumptions rather say I’ve got nothing else to say but I’m going to assume that he’s a good person.

By Mahnoor Zubair