Are Online Apps really worth to safeguard women in Pakistan?

Are online apps really worth to safeguard women in Pakistan?

Failing men are introducing and suggesting various safety online apps, such as Safar Saheli, Rail Muhafiz, etc., to save women from men!

An ailing state of mind can cause damage to lives in many devastating manners beyond any restoration. We’ve been taught about how Islam has always put forward the character boundary for both women and men to every extent and capacity. We often say it loud in broad daylight about how a married woman is saved from other evils and cannot actually exploit one’s self-control in this Islamic society, but do we find it enough to pray five times and then be pathetically shameless to rape a woman on a street, school, market, transport, or at home? It has never been a new highlight on our news channels; we are prone to such morbidity!

In 2022, the Baha Uddin Zakariya Express – a very well-known railway line, has yet served as a platform for the ghastly rape crime of a woman who was heading back to Karachi after meeting her in-laws and husband. This crime was done by staff members, including a ticket checker, who took advantage of a woman, a mother of two children, by raping her one by one, said then Railways Police Chief Faisal Shahkar. Police further informed us that the train was running under a private authority that will be taken into custody; however, we hardly saw any progress as it has now hushed after a few sirens and even may never proceed to any good result until we see such a case again.

According to official data, more than 22,000 women have been raped in Pakistan – in the past six years. However, only fewer were convicted as a result of a faulty and flawed justice system and social taboos that intervened in the seeking of justice by victims.

Every single label on a woman’s character for being bold and sassy is worthless when a woman, even with marital status, is still becoming a target for heinous crimes. Why, even though we have put forward trillions of laws against rape, are we not enough as a nation, an authority, and a man to save a woman in Pakistan? Where are those men speaking to introduce a software app to safeguard a woman traveling, walking, studying, and having an existence that is all her right, but not them as potentially crucial beings in providing security to her?

Doesn’t it fabricate our terrible structured security and justice systems, failing to protect women in any capacity who are a continuous bull’s eye of criminally inclined men!