Answer Is Within YOU

Answer Is Within You

From the first day of YOUR life on this planet till the last day of YOUR life YOU experience different things in Your life. Sometimes YOU get what YOU want and sometimes odds are not in Your favor. But many times, YOU failed YOURSELF and become the victim of depression, anxiety, etc. and make Your life harder and harder but have You ever wondered why You are facing all this. Why You are not getting what You want?

No, You have not You only overthink. You start blaming Your destiny. You start believing that something is wrong with Your luck. You do not deserve to dream because You are unlucky. There is no such thing as bad luck. You know Allah loves us 70 times more than Our mothers then why You are feeling that He has not decided the best for You. Start pondering and exploring Yourself because the answer is within YOU. Do not question Your existence You are not here without any purpose. Allah has created YOU with a special purpose, but the need is to start exploring within Yourself.

Unlock the Door of love. Unlock the Door of empathy. Unlock the Door of forgiveness. Unlock the Door of self-acceptance. Unlock the Door to your dream. Because the key is YOU. This YOU will lead YOU to the path which YOU are searching for all Your life. When You start accepting yourself the way You want others to accept you, You will never feel saddened.

Seek out the help. Ask for love. Ask for forgiveness but not from others but from the person, You locked in Yourself. When You believe in YOU, You will never feel sadness. Follow Your intuition because the YOU within YOU will never betray You.

When Allah has created YOU, He hides the key to Your happiness and Your dreams within YOU. People who get what they want in their life not because they are luckier than You, or Allah love them more. No, that is not true, the answer is that KEY which He hides within YOU and those people find that Key. When You find that Key of Your YOU, You will never have this thought that You are unfortunate. Don’t You dare to undervalue YOURSELF because the one who has created YOU is the Creator of the Whole Universe. He has created everything without any defects than how can He leave a flaw in You. Start Pondering. Believe in YOU within YOU then see the difference in YOUR life.

By Rimsha Khan