Alone But Not Lonely

Alone but not Lonely

Today, I came across the phrase ‘’It is very lonely at the top’’. At present social behaviors are facing chaos, the thing is we are not choosing our sufferings wisely. Do not think that I prefer sufferings to people but I am explaining that sometimes we are not in the phase of sufferings & we kept burning deep inside for no reason. This leads us to nothing but a mental decline. This mental decline directly hit our health. Consequently, when the real sufferings come we often not able to fight with or to suffer in.

As per my last observation, I felt that the current youth is facing the same kind of problem which is ‘’lonely’’. They are at the age of 15 start explaining their lonesome. Their status on social media is enough to give social & psychological thinkers major jerks. We are wondering that at the age of play & run in the race of matric grades, students are listening sad songs which are dangerous enough to think.

Their major suffering is they are ‘’lonely’’. Here I am not using the word ‘’Alone’’ because under my senses ‘’being alone’’ not suffering but it is a blessing that may be in disguise. How? Let me explain it. ‘’Lonely’’ is a kind of condition in which you have no one to talk with or to share your feeling & problems with. That is really a bad condition because Aristotle rightly said that ‘’man is a social animal’’ it needs people to live a healthy life. Why one is ‘’lonely’’ when he has family, social circle, and friends that is what happening nowadays in youth. After my personal observation, I came to the conclusion that our youth is becoming too private in their adult age and they don’t want to share their problems (which is indeed minor) with their parents, siblings, fellows & teachers. That is where the problem starts that they are unable to locate the difference between the minor issues and major problems. Consequently, they turned their minor problems into long-term sufferings by themselves. Whenever I tried to ask a so-called answer came out. ‘’you will not understand’’ with a very sad face. I am not reluctant to say that the fault is on the other hands too. Teachers are becoming more professional so they have no concern with their students more than grades; parents think that a highly materialized living environment is enough to provide them; fellows want to maintain a distance & society pressurize them with a high demand of achievements.

On the second hand ‘’Alone’’ is a condition where you are in a mood with yourself. You want to find out your own secret ways to resume problems. You have fewer complaints, more power of finding solutions. Your own struggle leads you towards a balance kind of living where you can understand your real sufferings. As Mark Mansion said ‘’choose your sufferings wisely’’. Condition of being alone will lead you towards the real strength of human as Rumi said: ‘’Ask all from yourself’’. That is why I consider ‘’alone’’ is a blessing to judge yourself by yourself. But being ‘’lonely’’ is harmful where you even don’t want to face yourself and kept complaining. This is not suffering believe me it will your self-made phenomenon which will lead you towards nothing but a psychological disaster. To suffer in real suffering we need a strong psychological brain. I request to all the readers if you are in such a condition, understand yourself speak out & trust your close & loved ones and move back with the strong psychological path that prefers to be ‘’alone but not lonely’’. Because it’s really very lonely at the top. Come down and prefer to be alone & happy.

Note: your ‘’top’’ is your self-obsession that no one is able to understands you.