‘Accha’ Has Made It To The Cambridge Dictionary

Accha - Cambridge Dictionary

Probably one of the most commonly used words in the country, Accha, has made it to the Cambridge dictionary and has been recognized as a real word. Accha is the perfect example of colloquialism which has gained the status of a formal word through its inclusion in the dictionary.

In countries like Pakistan and India, nearly everyone is familiar with what this simple word means as it is used very frequently in our daily conversations. The word can mean, okay, good, or as an expression of bewilderment, astonishment, depending completely on the notes of one’s tone.

Reportedly, the term is derived from Sanskrit, which is used both in Hindi and Urdu habitually and customarily.

The entry of Accha to the Cambridge Dictionary website is demarcated as ‘Indian English’. In the dictionary, the word is defined as, “Used for showing that you agree with something or understand something”, or “used for showing surprise or happiness.”

The inclusion of this word in the dictionary received mixed reviews from the Twitterati focusing on the versatility of the word as well as the different spelling used in the dictionary.

Like every other common issue between India and Pakistan, the ownership of this word has also created a stir between the people belonging to both countries. One section of Twitter is fighting over the ownership of this word, claiming their basic rights to it. The fact that Accha was added to the ‘Hindi English’ category is now being criticized by the desi community.

Along with this, the dictionary has also added the word ‘Quarantine’ as its word of the year. According to the dictionary, quarantine was the third most-searched word during the year, with maximum searches between March 18 and 24, when restrictions began to be imposed due to the pandemic.

The Cambridge Dictionary, produced by Cambridge University Press, is one of the world’s most well-known, trusted, and credible, English dictionary sources which is widely used all over the world.