A Proud Emotional Being

: A Proud Emotional Being

Nay, I’m just way too emotional. My emotions are the biggest stumbling block in my life. My emotions broke me into pieces and made me feel like a totally shattered loser searching for the light. These emotions have wreaked havoc in my life, but on the other side, just because of being too emotional I can understand other people in a better way, I can feel their pain and sufferings. I can console them, give them better suggestions for controlling their own emotions, and can motivate them in the best possible ways. I know it’s not good quality at all, it is my biggest weakness ever.

Some of my friends often use to say; “It’s a flaw in your personality that you’re just too emotional and you feel everything”. Yeah, I know it is actually a flaw. Sometimes I use to cry by holding my hair like a crazy woman just because of being way too emotional, but I can’t do anything about it, so I thought of changing my weakness into my strength and I thought of becoming the light for others instead of searching for it, or maybe my emotions are the light coming from my heart.

These emotions made me realize that feeding my soul is better than feeding my tummy and I should do something for the sake of my soul. All I want to say is feeling bad for your weaknesses is no of use, by doing this you’ll eventually end up feeling worse about yourself, just start looking at your weaknesses in a different and positive way. Don’t pity yourself for being way too emotional, we’re human beings and HUMAN BEINGS are the EMOTIONAL BEINGS. Don’t pent up your emotions inside your teeny weeny brain, it will lead you to frustration. Your brain is your most important asset, don’t let it pollute, and be open about your mental health issues.

Remember! Mental health isn’t trivial, it’s the vital element for a satisfied and contented life, so pay attention to your mental health. Hope this article helped you understand the true beauty of your emotions. May Allah give us the strength to deal with our emotions.