A Positive Attitude Towards Life

 A Positive Attitude towards Life

Suddenly a voice came from inside of my heart, “life is full of disappointments and problems, and my head is full of tensions.”

It was the cold evening that was declaring the arrival of autumn. The temperature was gradually decreasing. As a result, the days have cooled down, the leaves have turned. The chilly autumn progressed with the decomposition of summer’s flowers as the leaves begin to change their color and trees were shedding their leaves.

For a moment, I felt as if autumn was portraying the picture of the barrenness of my life. My heart was carrying a load of problems. Due to this, I was not satisfied with my life.

As time moved forward, I found a way to tackle these problems by sharing with friends so that I may get relief and relaxation through their sympathy, but this made me feel even worse because I was left alone. Friends did not find my company interesting anymore.

As a result, I lost my all friends and I was kicked in the ground of pessimism that shaped my personality as a problem-maker. Therefore, I started questioning God that why my life is full of pain suffering, hardship, turmoil, and disappointment.

Some years later, I was walking in Liaqat Park Quetta. Suddenly, I heard a voice, “motuuuu”? As I turned back, I got surprised by what I saw. She was one of my childhood friends, Huma. I considered myself fortunate enough to meet her after a long time and happiness overloaded on my face.

We sat together and start talking about the progress of our careers and how people start at different places and go in different directions. During the gossip, she caught me comparing myself to some of my friends around the world that was completely revealing my pessimistic point of view. She found a great change in my attitude towards life.

She cut me off very quickly and addressed me in a polite tone, “my friend, life is a journey consisting of problems. Without problems, life is not normal. So don’t think having problems in life destroy the peace of the mind because they are part of life. Thinking about problems is the thief of joy. Don’t focus on what problems you have in your lives, but focus on what joys of life. By adopting a positive attitude towards life, you can still change your destiny and become a prosperous person”.

She kept on advising me to stop thinking about the problems all the time and never express the problems to the people so as to gain their sympathy because everyone is going through some sort of problem.

Anyhow, we had to leave for home. Therefore, the discussion ended. For a while, I felt as if I lost my childhood friend as well because of being a trouble-ridden girl. Once again the intensity of disappointment arose in my mind as the river has jumped over the mountains. I got myself bounded in the shackle of thoughts which forced me to observe the people around so as to realize that everyone is blessed with different blessings and everyone has different tests in life to pass.

As we reached home, I had a head full of thoughts that made me contemplate life. I start wondering that what I have missed in my life when I was in the crowd of problems.

 A voice from inside addressed me randomly; “ Elenna, you are the only person who grew up without knowing what to do with your life and how to tackle these problems; you are not the only one who thinks that life is not fair because you are born in a family with poor economic and social status. There are lots of other people as well who are suffering too”.

This forced me to realize that I have wasted so much of my life in counting my problems and now I am just a stupid loser who still did not get her life back together in a prosperous way.

Finally, I decided that happiness comes in everything only when you have a positive approach towards life because life is the composition of happiness and sadness.

During the journey of life, there are many hurdles in the form of ditches, mounds, or stones, but a person has to tackle these problems positively. It will make us wiser and stronger than before.

These ups and downs have really great impact on my life. My friend’s words became the pillars of my life. I felt that God is helping me to get a better life than before when I started struggling for improving my life rather than questioning Him.

Today, I’m aware of the fact that life is better than I deserve which reminds me of the many reasons I have to be grateful.