A Little Kind

A Little Kind

To those sorrowful eyes, lost in all bleak
Those rejected, dejected, who are so weak
Tears all flowing from their cheeks
Trying to smile even with scars so deep
Big dreams, too far from their reach
The sweetness of life, who can’t ever meet
Neither silence nor a word to speak
Be a little kind

This is just what they all need
Those inner wars wounded souls
Left vacant behind the closed doors
Land of cruelties who couldn’t escape
Chains of unfairness who couldn’t break
Waited for your eyes to hold on
For your hands to catch their tears

Where, where have you gone?
Can’t you replace their fears with cheers?
Can’t you stand beside their void voice?
Or you want to run your own race to rise
Can’t you hear their stories, their names
Or just want to play some more games
Just want to fan some more flames
How much tough it is to stop?

To hold that painful drop
Their scars to mend
Their sorrows to embrace
A piece of rose to send
Their little efforts to praise
Just a hopeful gesture to lend
To write a word of hope on their page
Life of many you can change

Their endless tears you can end
Sit with them for a second
And hear what they will tell
Believe me million times
Your stone turned heart will melt
You, blessed with a heart
Why acting like a non-living thing?
Come! yes you, you have to start

In their garden, flowers you’ve to bring
How long will you hide?
How long will you ignore and run?
Come, with yourself onto the heights
let those weak souls ride
With your touches of laughter
Some smiles let them earn
Yes you’re blessed, you’ve might

But let them live a bearable life
If can’t help, then even don’t hurt
If doors can’t open, then even don’t shut
If can’t spread love, then even don’t fight
Those poor souls are not your right
Let them live with a free will
Don’t play, don’t dictate like a kite
Yes they are weak, but humans still

If can’t turn their sorrows bright
At least show them a path like a guide
In their worries add some delight
In their blankness leave a little light
Not much, not more, nothing required
No hidden treasures you’ve to find
Just be a little humane, a little kind

Siddiqa Bano