A Different World

A different world

The world’s not dark, the world tells me,
I reply with my sadness, there’s no light you can see!
You are mad, you are dumb, oh you are drama queen,
Shed your tears, make us believe that you are something you were never been,
I struggle with my dreams I have came across an abuse,
My Friends, my family, oh world! is me or my healing they refuse?
I have come with a solution, an acceptance they must make,
They tell me you should sleep. we don’t accept someone’s awake,
They are average, they are cold, they praise the cruel bold,
Been sensitive is an issue? With this I should get old,
My world! I am suffering, I have a mind that knows the pain!
Let me suffer with my company oh people! Let me heal and wish me a hold,
I should return with this suffering but in a different form unimaginable!
I will praise those with pain, I shall travel with my spark,
you shall too see what drama was a like,
When I will reach the myself and one mourning will be your dark.

Mahrukh Waheed