A campaign launched by Sunny Ali to “Bring PayPal in Pakistan”

Sunny Ali - Bring PayPal To Pakistan

Who is Sunny Ali?
Sunny Ali, a Pakistani entrepreneur born on September 6, 1977, in the small town of Karachi, also known as Shaikh Kashif Ali. He is the Founder and CEO of the largest international e-commerce ecosystem named “Extreme Commerce”. In 2017, he introduced the platform to train Pakistani youth in the field of e-commerce business over Amazon.

Extreme Commerce is aimed to create “Billion Dollar Pakistan”. Currently, it boasts over a million users and has processed over USD 350 million in e-commerce transactions.

He just initiated a push in Pakistan to offer Paypal services to the country. He aired his opinion on social media, urging Pakistanis to make a complaint through the Citizen Portal App.

Sunny Ali has expressed his dissatisfaction on behalf of Pakistan’s freelancer community, saying, “I would like to complain on behalf of the Pakistani freelancer community. We all want the Pakistani government to have a conversation with PayPal. We understand that work on a gateway is underway, but we’re more interested in having our own personal or company Paypal account to help us grow our online freelance business by allowing us to send and receive Paypal cash freely.”

He also mentioned that any freelancer can write this in his or her way to file a complaint; however, he believes that the more complaints all citizens file on the citizen portal, the more likely the government will take action, such as forming a committee, to help all Pakistani freelancers who are having problems receiving international payments.

Sunny has also requested all to tag the Prime Minister, Imran Khan while launching a complaint on the Citizen Portal App.

Sunny provided key insights into how Pakistani youth are engaging Amazon in the wake of pandemics and unemployment. He is on a quest to improve Pakistan’s digital landscape through digital skills, personal development, and capacity building, having risen from origins in the slums of Karachi to become a multimillionaire.

According to Sunny Ali, it’s high time Pakistanis started exploring the endless possibilities on Amazon. E-commerce grew 40% during the outbreak from the pre-Covid and 15% will grow shortly.

Written by Maham Bashir