Eight Pakistani Women Make The Global List Of 100 Outstanding Nurses & Midwives

nurses and midwives

This past one year has been extremely challenging for health workers across the world. Heath workers, like nurses and midwives worked long shifts under serious medical risks for themselves and their families. The prevalence of COVID infections in health workers is evident from the fact that hundreds and thousands of health workers lost their lives after getting infected on duty.

The services of these healthcare workers was acknowledged through a list issued by the Women in Global Health (WGH). For this, WGH collaborated with WHO, Nursing Now, United Nations Population Fund, International Council of Nurses, and International Confederation of Midwives. The list also recognized the sacrifices and contributions of eight nurses and midwives from Pakistan. All eight of them are the faculty of Sir Aga Khan University’s School of Nursing and Midwifery (SONAM).

The list acknowledged the services of hundred nurses and midwives from 43 different countries. This ranking also celebrated the Year of the Nurse and Midwife 2020, which was a campaign initiated by WHO. The campaign celebrates the role of nurses and midwives in providing excellent health services.

The Dean of SONAM Dr. Rozina Karmaliani was honored under the category of Board Management for her exemplary leading skills. She revolutionized the research sector of the organization by integrating research with practicing skills. Furthermore, Yasmin Paripo and Samina Vertejee were named under the Community Hero Category. These faculty members played an inspirational role in implementing effective communal health strategies. Marina Baig was acknowledged for her unparalleled contributions to the Innovation, Science and Health Category. She made major breakthroughs with her mobile health technology to improve maternal health outcomes. Saima Sachwani was honored for her services in developing a nursing curriculum under the category of Human Capital Development. Moreover, three SONAM alumni were also recognized under the Community Hero category. These were Dr. Shiela Hirani for promoting breastfeeding during the pandemic, Neelam Punjani for improving access to sexual and reproductive health rights and Sadaf Saleem for contributing to the geriatric nursing.

Upon this moment, Dr. Karmaliani issued a statement saying that it is an honor to be acknowledged by the international public health and nursing fraternity, as this year has been challenging for healthcare providers, all of whom have shown incredible commitment. These honorable women are an asset for a country like Pakistan, which lacks major health facilities. Their contributions for the health sector, in these tough times, have earned them a spot in the books of history.