2021 Poetry

You know we are injured, battered and bruised,
Tried to apply ointment and bandaged our blues,
Some wounds are healed while some left scars,
We might feel new but we all have a past,
I hope you are ready like we try to be too,
Would you embrace our courage and weep with us too?
There were moments that hit us hard,
But here we are again celebrating the New Year’s Eve so far,
There are good times behind every rain,
So I wait for the smiles that are destined with pain,
We all have lost something precious this year,
But it doesn’t make us weak as we faced our fears,
We are wiser than yesterday and waiting for tomorrow,
Anxious but excited as they say it’ll vanish our sorrows,
In the light of this new morning sun,
Hope to see all the lion-hearts return.

Sameen Rafique